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3 March, 2016  
Mantthan Web Solutions

The role of content in defining online success is known to all and sundry. In the recent years, content has emerged as one the most important elements while devising search strategy. However, the role of relevant, effective content in conversion and its effect on buying process continue to remain mystery for most online business owners.

Content has a great impact on E-commerce. And, to understand how content influences buying decision of online visitors, we have to understand three stages of sales - Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

1. Need to Buy
This is the first stage in which buyer realizes the need to buy something, which prompts him to run online search seeking relevant information and shop around. Content published on website should be devised taking the same into consideration. It should be informative and presented in a simple and categorical manner. This could be an infographic, a listicle, blog or glossary of terms. Interactive and informative content lets you market your brand to customers in an effective way. Content should be relevant enough that doubts and queries of visitors come to rest.

2. Buyer consideration
It is the second stage in which buyer has completed initial research and is now evaluating the availability of products and services in detail. At this stage, buyer browses through different social networking platforms and websites to view product reviews and customer feedback. Perhaps, this is the most important part of the buying process and content can make a huge difference. To ensure that visitor turns into customer,persuade them by placing yourself as acustomer-centric brand and industry leader providing flawless and quick services. This can be done by adding feature of expert guides in addition to feedback and reviews from previous satisfied customers.

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Changing buyer decision is possible only if your website has influential content which sets them thinking. Utilize brand advocates like influential and prominent bloggers who not only praises for your products and services but also review your products, thus generating PR as well as sales. All these activities trigger belief in the offered services.

3. Call to action; Time to decide
This is the final stage and buyer very well knows what exactly they want. Whether it is a recliner, washing machine or microwave, they have acquired necessary knowledge regarding your business. However, there is very possibility that might still need a push for making the decision. In such a scenario, case, studies, exclusives, discounts, deals, offers and testimonials can be of great help.

4. Repeat Customer
In the present era of tough competition, gaining a customer who is actually willing to shell out money is not at all easy. Since you have put in many efforts for earning sale, it's time to ensure they keep coming back. Termed as "repeat customer", it involves factors like support structure, promotion of website and feedback. Also you need to make sure doubts and queries of customers are dealt efficiently and timely. Let your valued customers know you care for them.

Practicing above slated can help you devise foolproof content marketing strategy which can influence buying decision of customers.

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